11406544_10100456113561879_9222193568189330763_o*A not-so-recent photo.

You should know:

I’m a 30-something-year-old female who just moved to Chicago. ¬†Worked at a newspaper for six years. Moved into radio in 2011. Had a rare, weird bone tumor in 2011. Now has a weird, non-bendy wrist and a love of hot doctors and multivitamins. Didn’t date for 2.5 years. Went on 30 dates for my 30th birthday. That was stupid. Started taking sketch and improv comedy classes in November of 2014. It kind of took over my life. Loves cheese and shiny pennies.


I’m a student, performer and marketing/assistant producer at the Push Comedy Theater; a founder and performer of The Pre Madonnas; a board member and storyteller with Tell Me More Live. I perform in shows like GirlProv, The Improvised Movie, Too Fat, Improv Riot (short form), Harold Night (long form) and others when I get the chance.


I’m a marketing/advertising/digital junkie with my hands in a lot of pies. I’m currently a consultant and inbound specialist with The Center for Sales Strategy and LeadG2. I’m a hybrid employee, working with both companies. With CSS, I work on special projects and also conduct training workshops, administer coaching calls, and more. With LeadG2, I

At¬†Entercom Communications, one of the largest broadcast radio companies in the U.S. I worked on the corporate team, assisting staff in 27 markets in strategy and development of integrated sales solutions. I ran sales-focused paid social advertising, and advised our sales staff and clients on strategy for new and emerging digital advertising platforms, and how they fit with radio. I also assisted in our company’s marketing efforts, maintaining parts of Entercom.com and our official social media accounts. I ran our brand, Radio Works, a blog focused on small and medium business advertising strategy and advice, and I did a lot of other stuff.

My 30 dates:

After a few years of being happily single and unmotivated to date, I decided to cannonball into the dating pool. The best motivator for me is a real, quantifiable goal – and I was turning 30. Just like with anything else, I’m slacking off until the last minute. UPDATE: Went on the dates. Met a ton of nice guys. Still didn’t want a boyfriend.

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