My first official blog post at entercomsocial:

photo from thenewxtweb

Photo via thenextweb

You know what sucks? When you spend time, energy and your super-awesome brain power to create a post for Facebook, but only 15% of your Facebook fans see the post. Bummer, right?

So what went wrong? Your post is the ultimate post, and the subject matter is engaging and laugh-out-loud funny. Your Edgerank is low, and Facebook is straight-up saying “Yeah, no one wants to see this post. Where’s the post about kittens hugging stuffed animals? That was good s**t.”*

Whether you are working a station, perks, client or personal page, this applies to you. Click the jump to learn how to win friends and influence people, or just increase the likelihood fans are going to see your posts (If you don’t click the jump, those kittens will die. Just sayin’).

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