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1. Ghent Crush (fest)

Off and on, I was watching a guy sitting at the bar; thin, blonde, wearing a collared blue shirt and slacks. He was typing on his phone enough that I thought he was waiting for someone, but later I realized he probably came, alone, for the event. Twice I almost walked over to him to invite him to sit with us, and each time I hesitated and the seat beside him filled with another patron ordering a drink. He stood up and walked out around 11:30 or so, with a 3/4 full beer sitting on the bar. I said (out loud, to the table) I would walk over to introduce myself and invite him to sit, when he came back. The bartender cleared his drink around 12:15 or so.

I hope he went to another bar and walked in and saw some of his friends, or some other girl walked over to invite him to join her table.

Day 3: Help me ID this OKCupid user

So, I have an online dating profile. Don’t judge.

I got this message a while back from someone on OKCupid, but he deleted his profile before I could respond. I need you to tell me if you know him (from OKCupid, or his handle) or if it was, in fact, you. 

“Hey Amber! I must admit I’m a little surprised to see you here. I would presume you’d be dating a plethora of interesting suitors as of late, as you always struck me as a very cool lady, despite your Android fetish. 😉 So how’s the TapHouse treating you these days? Oh, and tell me about your position as social media czaress!”     from rock_star12

Help me solve the mystery! He knows my real name, that I love Android phones, that I am at Taphouse a lot, and that I work in social. Tone-wise, I think it’s someone who hasn’t seen me in a while – I don’t talk about Android that much anymore… and he didn’t mention my wrist at all, so either he’s too polite to bring it up, he HAS seen me around lately and knows I’m OK, or he doesn’t know about it at all. 
Mallory and I think it’s someone who I last saw this past summer – as I left the Daily Press, was still obsessive about Android, before the wrist issues. Thoughts? 
If this is you, send me a message (FB, Twitter or Tumblr). If you know who it is, same. Don’t call anyone out; for all we know, he deleted his profile when he got a girlfriend. 

this happened.

long story short, my phone has this weird quirk in that it will multiply text messages if my phone is dead when i receive the message.

so it’s really fun to wake up in the morning, turn my phone on and see something like this. 

also, men like to talk about their feelings after 2 am.

=i’d just like to mention that he sends this to me after he sees me at the bar halfway upset but also exhilarated, celebrating my two days of “unemployment.” i had such a weird day. 

and if anyone is wondering: i like the guy just fine, but i’m not really interested in anything more than friendship. i should probably tell him that. 

still, it’s nice for someone to make an effort. 


says @malteal: we are magnets for gorgeous, unsatisfied, depressed boys. also: a likely correlation to our lack of boyfriends

FOR REAL. I have so many hot guy friends who are inexplicably single and depressed. it’s strange.

If the world ends on Saturday …

… what will you regret?

I’ll probably regret NOT kissing a few boys i should have kissed … but i won’t regret kissing the ones I did.

Which makes me think if the world doesn’t end, I should probably kiss some boys. Just a thought.

What about you?

Cleaning my bedroom…

Cleaning my bedroom is very important for me. My bedroom often looks like it was hit by a tornado. I often joke that a messy bedroom is the best form of free birth control available. It’s self-defeating, definitely, but works. I’m not seeing anyone right now but for some reason have an overwhelming urge to make my bedroom presentable. Is this my subconscious telling me something?

Five attractive men, no dates

This past weekend I spent time with five of the most attractive men I know (separately. none of them know each other, which blows my mind)


  • Saw “Hanna” with The Editor (a former mentor). Not only was the movie great, but I was reminded how much I enjoy his company. It’s nice to have a friend with whom I can speak about the industry.
  • The Italian, unfortunately, did not seem to have as good a time Saturday night as I would have liked. I’ve known him since high school and every time i hug him I think of how young he still looks. He’ll always look like a high school freshman to me.
  • The RockStar (a blue-eyed musician from Chicago) asked to take my photo Friday and i told him absolutely not. I hate the way i look in photos and I didn’t want him to flip through his phone this week and see an unflattering picture of me. Especially considering how remarkably photogenic he is.
  • The Senator came to my house post-bar Saturday night. After he left at 3:30 in the morning he texted me basically asking if i’d ever want to “hook up.” I reject that notion on the grounds that I avoid romantic entanglements with my friends. The suggestion really came out of nowhere and I don’t know if he’s going to be normal next time I see him.
  • CandyCane (yep, that’s his code name) met me for the third weekend in a row for brunch. We only recently became friends and I am touched that he’s been a consistent Sunday fixture the past few weeks. When I texted him to tell him I was there, he responded that he was hungover and asleep on his beach. I assumed he would stay there; instead he said “be there in 20” and actually showed up.

All these attractive men, and i can’t seem to gather the strength to pursue any sort of relationship with anyone other than my cats, my roommate and my already established circle of friends.

tell me if you understand …

I have a ton of weddings and events to attend starting next month.

To begin preparing, i started white-stripping my teeth, redyed my hair and went on a pseudo-diet. (Salads or Smart Ones frozen meals for lunch, YerbaMate tea, yogurt and fruit for breakfast and sensible dinners, if i have dinner at all. sometimes i’m not hungry)

I am also forcing myself to wash my face before i go to bed, put overnight leave-in conditioner in my hair, apply bronzing lotion to my legs right after i get out of the shower and apply some hardcore Burt’s Bees foot balm to my feet. EVERY DAY.

I’ve already been painting my nails on the regular (i’m into nude/blush/peach colors for spring, which is great because it’s less noticeable when they chip).

I bet many of you already do all of this stuff on the regular, but for real:


The Wrecking Ball.: Date a girl who reads. Date a girl who spends her money on books…