On Saturday i went to a going-away party for a friend who works downtown.

Got home by midnight, fell asleep.

On Sunday i went to brunch, then to Blend, then to Buckroe Beach, then to the hardware store. later melissa came over and we juiced so much stuff. pre-juicing cornocopia below:

On Monday i slept in a bit, then went shopping. i bought this dress, which i’ve been told is AWESOME and is PERECT and it was only $14 so i’m STOKED:

I also got two other dresses, heels, two blazers, a purse and a blouse, and some shampoo and toiletries, all for under $150.

Then i went to a Chinese buffet with a friend, rented “Ted” from Redbox and watched that, and “How I Met Your Mother.”

On Tuesday I worked, went to a friend’s house for dinner, then went to the gym. And i didn’t fall over. 12 minutes on the elliptical and 25 on the machines. i didn’t hate it. Then we went to walmart.

Today i work, then i have dinner with my friend from Richmond.

Tomorrow I work, then i go see the sneak peek of Warm Bodies with a friend. Then i hope said friend will help me put stuff in my attic.

On Friday, I work in Va. Beach, then i am going to see American Idiot at Chrysler Hall. When i am done with that, Mallory (my bestie) will have arrived at my house from Radford.

On Saturday I take my mom out to lunch and give her a birthday present. Then I have to buy a baby shower gift and find something to do Saturday night. I’m *thisclose* to getting tickets to see the Ambassadors at the Norva, because i truly love them.

On Sunday I do brunch, a baby shower, laundry and juicing with Melissa late night.

THIS IS WHY I NEVER UNPACK MY HOUSE. I literally am home, (when i’m not asleep or getting ready to leave, or working) an hour a day at most, it seems.

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