So, I have an online dating profile. Don’t judge.

I got this message a while back from someone on OKCupid, but he deleted his profile before I could respond. I need you to tell me if you know him (from OKCupid, or his handle) or if it was, in fact, you. 

“Hey Amber! I must admit I’m a little surprised to see you here. I would presume you’d be dating a plethora of interesting suitors as of late, as you always struck me as a very cool lady, despite your Android fetish. 😉 So how’s the TapHouse treating you these days? Oh, and tell me about your position as social media czaress!”     from rock_star12

Help me solve the mystery! He knows my real name, that I love Android phones, that I am at Taphouse a lot, and that I work in social. Tone-wise, I think it’s someone who hasn’t seen me in a while – I don’t talk about Android that much anymore… and he didn’t mention my wrist at all, so either he’s too polite to bring it up, he HAS seen me around lately and knows I’m OK, or he doesn’t know about it at all. 
Mallory and I think it’s someone who I last saw this past summer – as I left the Daily Press, was still obsessive about Android, before the wrist issues. Thoughts? 
If this is you, send me a message (FB, Twitter or Tumblr). If you know who it is, same. Don’t call anyone out; for all we know, he deleted his profile when he got a girlfriend. 

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