I worked so hard today. I feel like I did an ok job. I’m still getting back in the swing of things, but I got a contest done and did decent job on my conference call.

Tonight is the night before Thanksgiving, which means it’s basically a high school reunion in Downtown Hampton. I usually LOVE going to Taphouse on “reunion nights,” but tonight … Getting showered and dressed is difficult. I’m pretty committed, because I have friends in town I want to see, but it’s difficult to get motivated after working for nine hours straight. I’m a liitle trepidatious about fielding questions about the sling. “It’s a long story” will have to be sufficient for the majority of people who don’t follow me online, I think. I don’t really want to walk through the whole saga repeatedly all night, you know?

Tomorrow I’ll be posting my annual, typical Thanksgiving post. It’s interesting because I’ve already repeatedly been reminding myself of things I’m thankful for, trying to keep silver linings in mind as I get more and more frustrated with the current state of affairs. I sat in my living room last night, complaining to my roommate about things, but bookending with “I know I should be glad I’m not dying” and “And it will all be over in two months, right? Things will be normal again, one day.”

Perspective is key. I was in the transplant area of the hospital for the first few days after surgery, and that actually helped me remember that things really could be worse. This could have been bone cancer, malignant, metastastic or even in my right wrist instead of my left. I’m surviving and I’m healing and I’ve got amazing doctors and even more amazing friends and family.

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