Went to the doctor(s) today for my checkup:
Pathologists determined it was definitely a giant cell tumor, which is awesome. That means it wasn’t a sarcoma or a malignant primary cancer. That is what we were hoping for, so yay.

Pathologists ALSO believe we got it all. Instead of “scooping” it out, they removed Bob AND the bone near Bob.

The echocardiogram also came back normal. I had to get an echocardiogram after I had some weird heart arrythmias in post-op.

I’m healing well, and fast. I’m supposed to start taking calcium and vitamin D to speed up the bone growth.

To explain; A surgeon removed Bob while another removed 15 centimeters of my right fibula (small leg bone). The fibula was placed into my arm, about halfway up, extending over my wrist and into my hand. The bones in my wrist are too small to do anything with, so we had to graft further up. The means I will lose mobility in my wrist, but it will be super strong. Basically, I won’t be able to “Vogue.”

I had two doctors, HotDoc and CockyDoc. HotDoc is the orthopedic oncologist. CockyDoc is the hand specialist. CockyDoc is obviously the guy that’s so good at what he does, he doesn’t really need to be a people person. HotDoc looks like Seth Cohen with a medical degree.

CockyDoc was super thrilled about how well the surgery went. He showed me x-rays (I’ll post later) and was really pleased to be able to see on the x-ray a specific clamp that’s holding some blood vessels together. He also gave me great news; I can get my leg wet! Which means I can shower (Thank God. It’s so difficult to bathe when you can’t get you left arm or right leg wet). I also got my stitches out (I forgot to ask how many) and i got a smaller splint. It’s about half as heavy as the previous one. I get my hard cast in two weeks.

HotDoc gave lots of good news, stated above. Giant cell rumors only recur in about ten percent of cases, so hopefully this will be the last we’ll see of him. I won’t have to see HotDoc that often (I see him next after the first of the year).

Oh ALSO, HotDoc totally had pictures of Bob/my open wrist ON HIS BLACKBERRY. Which was kind of hilarious. Interestingly enough, giant cell rumors are basically jelly (that destroy bone, go figure). That photo was pretty gross, so I’ll refrain from sharing.

I’ll see CockyDoc in two weeks to hopefully get my smaller hard cast. If I keep working my leg and fingers I may even be able to avoid physical therapy.

Good news all around. Whew. In two months I should be out of a cast and all this will be behind me.

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