I put on pants AND a bra today (along with a shirt and shoes, obvi) and ventured out of the house. Mal took me downtown and we saw some of my friends and had dinner, which was lovely. One thing I noticed, that I hadn’t considered; hugging people with only one arm is really unsatisfying. There were a few hugs tonight that were distinctly disappointing, I guess because I’d like nothing more than to truly wrap my arms around certain people and hold on for a bit. .

To update: Those of you who read about Bob know the original plan was to remove the tumor and replace it with a cadaver bone. A few days before surgery we decided instead to remove my fibula from one of my legs (originally we thought left, but it ended up being the right). The fibula is the smaller bone in the lower half of the leg. Also, apparently my bones are very small, but strong. The bones in my wrist are so small, in fact, that it was impossible to fuse the small bones on the edge of my wrist to this new bone, so the fibula bone actually extends into the back of my hand. This means I won’t be able to bend the wrist; no walking like an Egyptian, for example.

Surgery was Thursday, Nov. 10, and took about eight hours. I was in recovery for five, unfortunately, because I had some irregular arrythmias following surgery. Also, I apparently went buck in post-op; flailed my arms, spoke gibberish, didn’t know where I was, etc.

The following few days were weird. The food was awful, i couldn’t get out of bed, I was really, really high, etc. The first morning was especially bad because I was by myself (my mom overslept) and in a lot of pain and needed the nurses to shift my arm into a more comfortable position. After about two hours my actual doctor came in to check on me and fixed everything in like, two minutes.
After that, I slowly healed, enough to get out of bed and eventually be discharged.
One amusing anecdote; I got a echocardiogram and I told the guy who performed the procedure that I would mention him on the blog. His name is Matt, he’s (I assume) in his 30s, has three children and has a twin brother who ALSO has three kids. They’re basically racing for the biggest family. They come from a big family so they’re just popping them out. Also, Matt is attending VCU to pick up another degree, this one in English. I found all this out while he was rubbing the echo sensor all over and under my breast, basically. We bonded.

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