According to my Twitter and Facebook, many of my friends are having horrible days. Which is why I’m not posting this to Twitter or Facebook. 

But i had to get it out.


My hair is super curly with minimal effort (win!), there are brownies in the breakroom, i didn’t hit traffic coming in, i had a GREAT, almost mind-blowing second demo with a vendor, i was offered a nice opportunity that i’m going to take, that might even sort of enrich my life (more on that later), i had a great call with my kansas city point of contact, i chatted with people and they were nice and said i need a real office, i spoke with the another person i like a lot, and my current boss was nice to me on the phone and said some things that reassured me that i’m not crazy, and i think even that maybe i’m doing a halfway decent job. 

that’s a good day, for real. 

i’m concerned i’m jinxing myself. i’ll update at some point and say if things take a turn for the worse.

and for my friends who have had bad days; i’m so sorry. sending you good vibes. things will get better. 

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