I’m slowly starting to cull my old blog entries from various places … Here’s one from years ago:

Now it’s awkward…

Posted 05-21-2008 at 05:55 PM by DPamberleigh

The Washington Post ran an interesting article May 11 about the word “awkward.” 

Although Mal and I believe the term, its use and what it “really” means could be explained further, we’d prefer to offer our own alternate expressions, mostly relating to life in downtown Hampton.

To whit:

1. The guy who’s yelling about the Redskins or Steelers whilst surrounded by Cowboys fans:


2. The old guy at Goodfellas who keeps staring at your table of four girls:


3. The way you speak in fragmented sentences, or can’t think of the right phrase, after “Blackout Sundays:”


4. Hearing the scary hyena laugh from the booth behind you at Taphouse or Marker:


5. Realizing your friend locked her keys in her car, after sharing a bottle of pinot noir at Marker:


6. Missing last call at Taphouse, only to miss it again at Marker because you had to say goodbye to everyone at Tap:


(also, trying to order food at Taphouse ten minutes after the kitchen closes)

7. Someone at Goodfellas or Marker butchering a well-known song on karaoke:


(also, Navy boys with tight pants. Ya’ll know why.)

8. Walking in on someone in the Taphouse bathroom because they forgot to lock the door:


9. The girl who keeps grabbing the bar/other people to steady herself while walking throught the crowd on the deck at Marker:


10. When someone follows you from one bar to the next, trying to engage you in conversation at each one. Also, running into said person the next time you’re downtown:


11. When a group of people walks into any of the bars, and there’s so many of them they take up the whole bar, order eight shots and eight beers, (and not all the same kind!) try to push the tables together and/or irritate all the servers who are trying to be cut:


And finally:
Downtown on Saturday night, seeing someone from high school/an ex/an ex-friend/the person you’ve been avoiding for two weeks/the person you made out with last weekend and forgot to call:


That is all. Thanks for reading.

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