This past weekend I spent time with five of the most attractive men I know (separately. none of them know each other, which blows my mind)


  • Saw “Hanna” with The Editor (a former mentor). Not only was the movie great, but I was reminded how much I enjoy his company. It’s nice to have a friend with whom I can speak about the industry.
  • The Italian, unfortunately, did not seem to have as good a time Saturday night as I would have liked. I’ve known him since high school and every time i hug him I think of how young he still looks. He’ll always look like a high school freshman to me.
  • The RockStar (a blue-eyed musician from Chicago) asked to take my photo Friday and i told him absolutely not. I hate the way i look in photos and I didn’t want him to flip through his phone this week and see an unflattering picture of me. Especially considering how remarkably photogenic he is.
  • The Senator came to my house post-bar Saturday night. After he left at 3:30 in the morning he texted me basically asking if i’d ever want to “hook up.” I reject that notion on the grounds that I avoid romantic entanglements with my friends. The suggestion really came out of nowhere and I don’t know if he’s going to be normal next time I see him.
  • CandyCane (yep, that’s his code name) met me for the third weekend in a row for brunch. We only recently became friends and I am touched that he’s been a consistent Sunday fixture the past few weeks. When I texted him to tell him I was there, he responded that he was hungover and asleep on his beach. I assumed he would stay there; instead he said “be there in 20” and actually showed up.

All these attractive men, and i can’t seem to gather the strength to pursue any sort of relationship with anyone other than my cats, my roommate and my already established circle of friends.

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