I have a ton of weddings and events to attend starting next month.

To begin preparing, i started white-stripping my teeth, redyed my hair and went on a pseudo-diet. (Salads or Smart Ones frozen meals for lunch, YerbaMate tea, yogurt and fruit for breakfast and sensible dinners, if i have dinner at all. sometimes i’m not hungry)

I am also forcing myself to wash my face before i go to bed, put overnight leave-in conditioner in my hair, apply bronzing lotion to my legs right after i get out of the shower and apply some hardcore Burt’s Bees foot balm to my feet. EVERY DAY.

I’ve already been painting my nails on the regular (i’m into nude/blush/peach colors for spring, which is great because it’s less noticeable when they chip).

I bet many of you already do all of this stuff on the regular, but for real:


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